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Veneer production line

Production of veneer includes the wood processing itself (cross-cutting of veneer materials, hydrothermal treatment, slicing, drying) and accompanying procedures (transportation, quality control, registration of products at the warehouse and storage).

The complex of all procedures, related to transformation of raw materials into ready production – sliced veneer is called a manufacturing process.

The part of manufacturing process, which is related directly to measuring size, form and qualities of the processed raw materials, is called a technological process.

Unfortunately, after the fall of the Soviet Union scientific departments, occupied in technologies of production of sliced veneer in the leading Scientific Research Institutes of Russia and former Union, were dismissed and finally closed. As a result, higher education institutions stopped to teach specialists and technologists in this field of deep wood conversion. And there is nothing to say about modernization of technological process in the production of sliced veneer and implementation of new methods.

Technological process for our production, from dissolution of veneer log to package of ready flitches was created in Japan by Japanese specialists using the last methods and equipment. Precise operation flow charts for hydrothermal treatment of raw materials (for each used wood species) were created. Corresponding equipment was produced and established and training for personnel was organized.

Cross-cutting of veneer log

To get high quality veneer, raw materials, which come to shop floors of LLC «Firma Russkiy Dvor. Shpon» pass through preparatory treatment: it is divided into logs and wainscot. For maximal use of coming raw materials the processes is managed by computer, which choose optimal regimes depending on the established tasks (radial; half-radial tangent)

Hydrothermal treatment

To increase plastic properties before slicing into veneer, wainscots are subject to hydrothermal treatment, and this is the main point in the production process. The quality of the produced veneer depends on the correctness of the chosen regime. In our company a computer, equipped with Japanese software, follows the process.

Japanese technological programs take into account the type of wood, length, thickness and width of each wainscot to choose timing and temperature regime of hydrothermal treatment.

As a result sliced veneer, produced according to this technology has an outstanding density, creep at the bindings and absence of micro cracks!!!!!

In further production the above mentioned qualities of our veneer give us a possibility to economize considerably time for polishing up after pressing, to cut the amount of expensive subsoil and expenses for grinding materials.

Slicing prepared wainscots

Prepared and cool down up to the required temperature wainscots arrive to the slicing line. In LLC «Firma Russkiy Dvor. Shpon» we have established new (issued in 2013) slicing equipment of the Japanese company «Marunaka». The slicing process is fully computerized.

The Wainscots are sliced into veneer sheets. Slicing machines «Marunaka» let us produce veneer with thickness from 0,03mm to 3mm. Received veneer sheets are assembled into big flitches (packages), where the sheets are placed in the same order, in which they are sliced, вand all this comes to the «Drying» area.

Drying ready veneer sheets

Drying process is not less important, than hydrothermal treatment. The final quality of the prodused veneer depends on the chosen regime and speed.

In LLC «Firma Russkiy Dvor. Shpon» this complicated process is automatically controlled. Japanese drying camera of transmission type «Marunaka» has over 250 specialized programs for high quality drying of the ready veneer sheets, where the type of wood, width and length of the veneer sheets and the initial moisture content is taken into the account!

Using all these characteristics the computer chooses optimal drying regimes. With this we achieve the best quality and moisture content of the ready veneer sheets 8 -10 %.

Assortment and packing of the ready veneer sheets

Ready dried up to required level sheets of the sliced veneer arrive to the assortment and packaging area.

Here the flitches are constituted (24 -32 sheets), in which the sheets are placed in the same order, as they were sliced! Here the final measuring, packaging and sticking the label with indication of the length, width, amount of sheets and indicated quadrature for convenience of our clients takes place.

The ready flitches are put into pallets, are distributed according to the size (length) and drawings (radial; half-radial tangent).

One pallet include from 2500 to 3500 sq.m. of the sliced veneer. When packing each pallet a general specification, which double each label on the flitch, is put inside. Each pallet is packed into protective polyethylene and is tighten with a packing tape. Packed like this, pallets are convenient for transportation and shipping.

Size of the ready pallets:




Commercial director
Julia Vladimirovna
+7(964)588-54-73 Rusovo1@mail.ru
General director
Sergey Anatolievich
+7(964)588-26-37 Direktor@rusdvor.com
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